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Automate repetitive tasks and workflow processes with Ziflow

Automate the manual production tasks that you’d rather give to a robot

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Automate tasks in your Google Drive and Dropbox environments

Time-consuming repetitive tasks can be automated inside Ziflow. You decide the event trigger and location, and our Zibot’s will automate all those mundane but essential tasks such as file conversion, transcoding, delivery, etc.

Zibots work together to automate processes

Zibots are designed to automate tasks and can even be combined to automate an entire process. For example; “transcode my video, create a proof project for it, and then, once approved, FTP the transcoded video to my vendor & then email my vendor to let them know the file is delivered.”

Zibots are highly configurable and quick and easy to deploy

Having the ability to configure your Zibot settings and make multiple flows gives you the flexibility to build useful automations that are relevant to your business requirements. You are in total control of where, when why and what an automation flow will do.

Spend less time on tasks and more time on magic
with Ziflow’s task and workflow automation

Automate tasks and processes

Ziflow's online proofing system can automate distinct tasks like file conversions or complete processes to save you time every day.

Enforce quality

Let our Zibots automate your documented best practices for executing tasks and processes to ensure the quality of work, every time.

Leverage your existing apps

With our project management, chat and cloud storage integrations, you can supercharge your marketing apps to do more for you every day.

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